Art Follows Art…

Recently, the Foundation Museum welcomed an unlikely visitor. Armed with a backpack and a sense of curiosity, Mike Daikubara entered the Museum on a mission.

He was here to see what he referred to as one of his favorite cars. While most visitors gravitate towards the 507, Mike was interested in seeing the BMW Isetta. Viewing the car in photos or from a distance is one thing, but given the opportunity to sit down beside one is another.

He confessed he’s  “not really a car person”, but he loves the body style and uniqueness of the car. While traveling for his job and in his daily routines Mike finds interesting destinations along the way. He stops, opens up the backpack, pulls out his materials (and a tiny stool) and sketches on the spot. Many days he finds himself on the side of the road in the blazing sun (or subject to the elements).

On this day, he was in a cool, safe environment surrounded by BMW history. You may ask, as I did, if sketching was his full time job? No, it’s just a hobby, he said. He’s an industrial designer and graphic designer at his day job.

Mike, thank you for making the trip and grabbing a BMW Isetta model as a souvenir. We appreciate your enthusiasm and the reminder that visitors don’t necessarily have to be a “car person” to enjoy the exhibit.