Celebration with Manfred Heller

In the summer of 2018 the BMW CCA Foundation hosted a birthday get together for Kurt Sposta, the project manager that lead the team building Plant Spartanburg.  Kurt invited several of his friends, including one Manfred Heller. Manfred, a longtime friend of Kurt and BMW retiree, was the first executive at BMW that headed up the corporate environmental sciences group. BMW, long considered the greenest of car manufacturers, owes much of their leading practices to Manfred. At that party, Manfred decided he’d like to donate much of his model collection to the BMW CCA Foundation.

And so last September, Manfred officially donated a terrific collection of models. And as thanks, we had a bit of a party to celebrate the occasion.

Some of Manfred’s friends from his workdays attended, including some of his former team members Carl Flesher who was the very first employee at the plant, Sky Foster who is the fifth employee at the plant, and Knudt Flor, the President, US Manufacturing.

Many of the items Manfred donated were unique, and we felt compelled to place them in a display case to share with our visitors.

We thank Manfred and his friends for a great event and for his kind and generous gift to the Foundation.