Foundation Ambassador Dinner at Oktoberfest 2019

At Oktoberfest 2019, this was the largest gathering of the Foundation Ambassadors at one event. The Foundation wanted to have a welcome dinner for these Ambassadors. For many, this was the first time to see the Foundation Museum as well as meet the Trustees and staff.

Lance White and several others got up to talk about the Foundation programs, the PASSION  exhibit, Street Survival, and other activities.  At the end, the Ambassadors asked what projects the Foundation have in our future. One major project is to add air conditioning to the Museum space. We had been in the process of raising money for this project. A generous donation had previously been made by one of the Foundation Trustees. That night, several of the Ambassadors pledged to donate towards this project. Then everyone set out to help spread the word about this fundraising opportunity during Oktoberfest. They were able to help raise additional funds to get this project going.

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