Pepin / Spooner / Izor / Shirk Coupe Now Part of the Permanent Foundation Collection

The Foundation Museum is proud to announce the latest addition to the Museum collection. We recently received the Reid Pepin, Parker Spooner, Michael Izor, and lately Lonny and Lou Ann Shirk 1970 E9 2800 CS. We are honored to add this beautiful car to our collection. The Coupe was in the PASSION exhibit in 2019. Now, it will join other cars like the Yale Rachlin 1974 2002 tii and the Mark Woolley 1990 E30 M3 in the permanent collection.

Lonny and Lou Ann were at the Museum during the announcement and unveiling of this car. We thank Lonny and Lou Ann and all that were involved for allowing the Museum to have this car. The legacy of all these owners will live on at the Museum. See this car at the GENESIS exhibit.

Dedication Letter Reading From Lonny and Lou Ann

with Curator, Michael Mitchell

Lonny and Lou Ann with Scott Hughes, Lance White, and the Coupe