You are needed!

One of the hundreds of enthusiasts making their mark as a donor and Champion of the Foundation.

Each year, our donors make it possible for nearly 3,000 teenage drivers – and their families- to benefit from high-level car control training that saves lives. Facilitating 110+ Tire Rack Street Survival clinics from coast to coast every year is hard- and vital- work. And it simply cannot happen without your buy-in. You are needed!

You can also play a direct role in the growing Museum & Archive…the world’s largest collection of BMW memorabilia and historical items. Our donors make everything at the Museum possible, from the exhibitions to the care of the collection itself. Again, it simply cannot happen without you!

Your membership in the BMW CCA brings you the best enthusiast experience in the world. But you may not be aware that your membership dues do not include direct support for the BMW CCA Foundation, Street Survival, or the Museum & Archive.

Please consider a tax-deductible gift to the Foundation and its programs.  OK, I’m in!

By becoming a donor – A Champion of the Foundation – you can easily designate whether you want your donation to help grow Street Survival, the Museum & Archive, or both. It’s your choice, and we will honor that choice.

Your BMW CCA Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, governed by an experienced Board of 11 Trustees. These folks are enthusiasts just like you, who give of their time and treasure because they love the community we’ve all built together.  Your donation to the Foundation is tax-deductible, as it would be for any other nonprofit, and you’ll receive a prompt acknowledgement of your gift, along with a tax receipt.

You should also know that your Foundation is a lean, hardworking group of staffers and hundreds of volunteers and donors, all focused on the same goals. We take our responsibility to donors and the stewardship of their donations very seriously. And we are very grateful for them!

Your gift will make you a Champion of the Foundation, and can help you “make your mark” in the BMW enthusiast community. You will have played a direct role in making some fantastic things happen. And you’ll be recognized for it, both at the Museum and on our website. Your gift will also earn you some fantastic BMW collectibles not available anywhere else.

This endeavor needs you! Please join us. Feel free to call us anytime with questions. Our office phone number is (864) 329-1919. You can also reach out to Scott Dishman, our Executive Director, at

If you’re ready to give – and to see what collectibles you can earn – click here to make your tax-deductible donation.

Thank you very much!

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