Your Museum cleaned up at the 2019 NAAMY Awards!

The BMW CCA Foundation Museum is a proud member of the National Association of Automobile Museums (NAAM). It’s a great network for automotive museums, and each year, select members of our staff attend a NAAM conference hosted by various automotive museums around the country. Being part of this group, we can enter our museum in any of eight categories for awards. There are two levels of museums in the competition, with the level based on operating budget. We’re a Level 1 outfit, while the large museums, such as The Peterson, are Level 2. The BMW CCA Foundation competes against Level 1 museums for recognition and awards.

At the 2019 NAAM Conference, held in South Bend, Indiana, your museum did very well. We came home with an armload of awards…four first place awards and five nomination certificates!

Museum Curator Michael Mitchell, Operations Director Neil Baer, and Trustee Bruce Hazard were all present to accept the awards and bask in the glory of a job well done. We work hard to put our exhibitions together…and we do it for you, the enthusiast. But we have to admit, it’s nice to be recognized by our peers in the museum world.

Here are the awards your BMW CCA Foundation Museum took home:

1st place in Books & Exhibit Catalogs – The ICON: 50 Years of the 2002
1st place in Newsletters & Magazines – BMW CCA Foundation Newsletter
1st place in Online Communications – ICON Social Media Campaign
1st place in Film & Video – Hobbs & Redman Introduction Video
Certificate in Newsletters & Magazines – Street Survival Weekly Newsletter
Certificate in Events & Public Promotions – ICON Open House
Certificate in Film & Video – Charity Ride Video
Certificate in Collateral Materials – ICON Exhibit Branding
Certificate in Interpretive Exhibits – ICON: 50 Years of the 2002

We are very pleased to have done so well this year with the awards. Great thanks to all of our Museum Sponsors, donors, visitors and volunteers who make it all possible!

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