Frequently Asked Questions

Are photos/video allowed in the museum?

Yes, you may photograph and/or take video in the museum. Please, no tripods, selfie sticks, or large camera bags. Please do not move any of the signs or barriers to try to get a better picture of the car.


Are we allowed to have food or drink in the museum?

Only bottled water, no other food or drink (unless it is a special event hosted by the museum and food and drink is served).


Are we allowed to touch the cars or motorcycles?

No. Most of these vehicles are on loan from private collectors. We ask you do not touch any vehicle. We also ask you not to step over any of the ropes and stanchions to see the cars from a different angle. You can get pretty close to the cars already.


Is there a charge for parking?

No. We have plenty of parking for day-to-day visits. When we have large events, we open our fields to accommodate the larger crowds.


Are you the same as the BMW Zentrum?

No. The BMW Zentrum is a welcome center and museum run by the BMW Manufacturing. We are separate from the Zentrum but have a good working relationship with them.


How often do you change out your exhibits?

For now, we typically start our new exhibit in mid-May and run it through mid-January of the following year. We return vehicles by the end of January and have the next batch in by March 1. Between March and mid-May, we are building the next exhibit.


What happens in between exhibits?

Since we only have the one large room, we typically have one large exhibit per year. In between breaking down the old and building the new exhibit, guests are allowed to visit. We only allow guests into a certain area of the museum, to see the various stages of building the exhibit. Because of the work going on, it isn’t safe for guests to walk around the exhibit space. We typically don’t charge admission during this time.


Do I need to make a reservation in advance?

For individuals and small groups, no (with the exception of some of our special events). If you are bringing a group of 12 or more, we ask you to notify us in advance.


How long does it take to tour the museum?

Allow 30 minutes to an hour. You are certainly welcome to stay as long as you want during business hours.


Is there an area available for guests to eat a picnic lunch?

We do have a picnic table outside, along with six Adirondack chairs for your enjoyment. You can also stroll through our Founders’ Garden.


What are your hours?

You can see our current hours here.