Library & Archives

Library and Archives

The Library and Archives program has created a repository for BMW-related historical documents, literature, and paraphernalia, providing members with access to rare and interesting BMW artifacts while ensuring their continued existence. The Museum has collected over 80,000 BMW and BMW CCA items. We find interesting objects to display during each of our exhibits in the Museum.

Because in many cases the Museum only possesses one copy of these important books, articles, and materials, the policy is normally not to allow them to be removed from the Archives. We encourage people to visit our offices to view those materials, or we can, upon request, make copies of pertinent information, within reason and for a small fee. It is best to contact us at

Explore a small portion of our collection in our Digital Catalog.

Donate to the Library and Archives collection
The Museum is interested in BMW car, motorcycle, Motorsport, aircraft engine, and club related materials to add to the Library and Archives. We are also interested in companies involved with BMW, like MINI, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Bristol, Glas, EMW, and more.

After evaluation, we will accept (but not limited to):

Cleaning out your garage, basement, or man cave? Contact us at if you would like to offer items for donation. If possible, please include photos. Most donations to the Foundation are tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor on this).